Back on the path

In today’s world, there is a growing awareness and acceptance of the numerous benefits of cannabis. At Canchana, it is our vision to put everyone back on the path of naturally and self-consciously consuming cannabis, transcending borders, cultures, languages, and even political and religious views. We firmly believe that medical cannabis can be a beneficial part of every type of lifestyle and household across the globe.


Grown by nature

Starting as one of the first producers of medicinal cannabis in Thailand, Canchana has made major strides in only a short period of time. However, this is only the beginning of our journey, for we expect our company to become significantly more important within these extremely attractive global markets in the future. 


Offering more than 16000 m2 of indoor EU GMP certified cultivation area and a maximum capacity of up to 5000 kg of high-quality medicinal cannabis per year, Canchana’s facility is well positioned to serve European and international markets.


A team of experienced growers, separately with individual skills are committed to excellence and focused in understanding the plant and optimize the process.  

We plant.

We believe.

We are.


Biggest Cannabis Farm is Asia

Our indoor cultivation of medicinal cannabis grown by organic farms is done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, growing and developing indoor with artificial lighting. With our sophisticated plant monitoring system, we can provide the perfect environment for the plants as they grow to their maximum potential. 


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Compliance & Legality

It is our policy to operate 100% on the white market. Therefore, we adhere to the applicable regional laws and obtain all necessary licenses. 

A special focus is on the GACP and GMP standards in our cultivation and production processes. As a manufacturing company, the highest standards and quality controls are essential to ensure an end product of the highest quality. That’s why we don’t stop training ourselves and aligning all of our processes to the highest standards.